We have called La Verne home for nearly 40 years (thats a lot of years). Here’s a showcase of some of our work around the community.


Service Memorials


9/11 Memorial/LVFD

Etched in stone, a dedication to the victims of 9/11.

One year later the citizens of La Verne dedicated this memorial to the heroes and victims of 9/11

Boulder inlayed with a granite plaque remembering the victims and heroes of 9/11.

On the corner of C St. and 3rd St.; next to LV Fire Department























Veterans’ Feature has its own Facebook page

Six foot tall granite memorial to honor those residents of La Verne who have served in t

We worked with the La Verne Veterans Committee to help design a meaningful memorial for those who have served.


Service member names etched in on white granite pavers with black ink.

Service member pavers in front of Veterans Hall


Educational Institutions


Bonita High School

Large granite sign engraved and placed in front of the high school.

This commemorative gift from the class of 1995 has greeted generations of BHS students, faculty, and guests.


Clay colored pavers engraved with school alumni names.

Bonita High Alumni Pavers


Granite plaque with white lettering placed on a stone wall

Rotary Club of La Verne turned 100 in 2005. Both of Permeco’s owners are long time Rotarians and have assisted in numerous projects at Bonita High.


University of La Verne

Black granite plaque with gold and white lettering inlayed in brick building hallway.

ULV educator and tennis coach John “Skip” Mainiero


Black granite plaque dedicating a college gymnasium opening.

ULVs indoor athletic court was donated by Russell Frantz

Community Dedication


Las Flores Park

Black granite sign with white lettering inlayed on granite boulder at the entrance to a city park.

Civic servant Robert Rodriguez did a great deal for the city he loved so dearly.


La Verne Aquatics Center

Black granite sign inset in a large boulder stands in a city park.

This granite sign for the Aquatics Center replaced a bronze sign that was unfortunately stolen.


Public Art


Route 66 Sign

Multi colored granite mural representing Route 66.

Portraying one of the favorite food stops on Route 66, Wilson’s. San Gabriel mountains depicted in the background


Multi colored granite mural representing Route 66.

Mt. Baldy Drive In Theatre was a popular stop on Route 66




David & Margaret

Granite entrance sign for girls home that is over 100 years old.

David and Margaret is a 100+ year old orphanage with a fascinating history. Our owner, Lyn, has served on the board.


Hillcrest Retirement Community

Granite sign with white tree etched on face of granite.

See our work throughout the community

Community map etched on red colored granite.

Map at the entrance to Hillcrest Retirement Community









Stone residential address sign in front yard.

Residential address sign























Disclaimer: Almost all of these memorials were not cleaned prior to photo 📸.

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