Innovative Columbarium Integration:


Some Southern California cemeteries are facing challenges when it comes to space. Because of this, maximizing the potential for a developed area is more important than ever. Creative, outside-the-box thinking lead to this unique idea of turning a window into a two-sided columbarium.


How did we get from this…                                                                                                      To this…

A photograph of the building with the windows still in place, before columbarium was constructed

Outside Before

A photograph of the building with the finished columbarium replacing the existing windows.

Outside After



Like many cemeteries, Memory Garden Memorial Park in Brea, California realized years ago a rise in cremation was permanent. They looked for opportunities to use underutilized space for memorialization. Creating a beautiful entry columbarium turned out to be the perfect solution.


Forklift hoisting outside columbarium frame

Installation begins




Our team of professionals laid out a plan of action. Physical work started once the idea was approved. We removed windows on both sides of the mausoleum entrance. Two, two-sided columbaria (one on either side of the door) meant a four step process.



Photo angle shows the side view of both the indoor and outdoor frames.

Side view looking at the indoor and outdoor frames



First, we used a forklift to install the two indoor frames. Next, we placed the outdoor-facing frames of the columbarium. The photo above shows how the indoor and outdoor-facing sides came together. Once we secured the frames back to back we wrapped them in stone.



Travertine stone placed on columbarium frame by craftsman.

Beginning to wrap the outdoor frame in stone

Finished glass and stone front columbaria

Finished indoor columbaria


























Because of the elements, we wrapped the outdoor-facing side in travertine. We designed the indoor-facing side to have a mixture of glass and stone-front niches.



Side photo of indoor columbarium

Indoor side of columbaria


Benefits from this Project

  • We thought ahead. We built the outdoor portion of the columbarium under a protected overhang. This reduces cemetery maintenance. As a result, grounds crew no longer clean finger prints or water stains off glass windows.
  • In addition to increasing the value of the existing mausoleum, we created an aesthetically pleasing piece of architecture.
  • The small footprint of a vertical columbarium saves ground space while meeting the needs of a continually growing cremation rate.
  • This helps better serve your families by offering internment options at a variance of price points.




Let Us Assist You

What have you done to adapt to the rise in cremation?

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