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One of the more significant projects we tackled in 2017 was a granite Veterans Memorial for the City of Norwalk. Being in the top 300 most populated cities in the country, Norwalk has produced a large number of service members since its 1957 incorporation. The city showed appreciation for its former and current service members by commemorating each of the five branches of the United States Armed Forces with 20-foot-tall “Freedom Memorials” at the footsteps of City Hall.

Ground broke on the veterans memorial in March. The monoliths were organized to stand in order from oldest serving military branch to newest. Nan Butler-Beckstrom, the project’s artist, utilized a deliberate semi-circle organization of the pillars as a visual reference to the unity of the armed forces in protecting our country.

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“The use of granite alludes to the permanence of our country’s debt to our soldiers” Nan Butler-Bekstrom, project artist. The use of colorful tile ties the structures with the existing City Hall building.

Permeco’s role in this public works project was to create and install all of the granite trim and engraved panels within aluminum framework onto the concrete block structures. Sixteen granite pieces were used on each pillar. Weight on some panels exceeding 750 lbs.

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Each panel was inscribed using laser imaging techniques. The final result, stunning, high-quality resolution. Side one of each monolith displays the core values and creeds of the branch. Side two serves as a historical timeline.

Installation of these mammoth panels involved a great deal of technical skill. Our four-man installation crew has over 120 years combined experience working in granite construction. These guys did a great job, and finished ahead of schedule, despite having only two months to complete the project.

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It is always an honor and a privilege to be a part of projects honoring veterans and our military. Permeco looks forward to working on many more in the future.

2 thoughts on “Norwalk Veterans Memorial

  1. Nan Butler-Beckstrom

    I am the artist who designed the Norwalk Freedom Memorial. Thank you for featuring it and crediting me, but would you please correct the spelling of my name?
    Nan Butler-Beckstrom

    • Hi Nan, we have changed the spelling. Thank you for your tremendous contribution on this project.

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