The Flight of Doves columbaria below at Turlock Memorial Park didn’t always look this good in recent years.


Great photo post restoration. The new grey granite and trim make the color pop.

Post Restoration. Snazzy


Whats Going On?


In mid 2018 Turlock Memorial Park reached out to us regarding a restoration job. One of the columbaria on the cemetery grounds had started to succumb to it’s elements. Seamless joints opened up, some of the granite trim cracked. A columbaria put in place in the 1990’s should not have shown this amount of natural wear. We knew we had an unordinary problem.


Granite cap separating from the rest of the structure

Cap Separated. Trim Cracked


After taking a look we determined what was happening. This columbaria had a built in planter. The columbaria’s concrete walls were never waterproofed. Concrete, damp soil, and decades of time are not a good combo. With no ability to dry out, the concrete slowly absorbed moisture from the soil. The moisture caused the rebar structure to rust and expand just enough to pop off the granite trim and caps.

The tops of the granite structure do not align like they are supposed to

Ueven Cap

Granite face starting to fall off

What The Trim Looked Like Before The Color Was Swapped Out











Taking Action

Turlock Memorial Park had a clear vision for what they wanted the end result to look like. After some collaboration, ironing out the details, we got to work. First we popped off all the caps and trim.


Granite being trimmed down by saw



Second, we able to analyzed what we were up against. Finally we started installing the Dark Grey trim and base.










Meanwhile we scrubbed the columbaria of the nasty calcification build up pictured below.


Calcium buildup on granite

Calcium Build Up From Hard Water


A lot of elbow grease and hours of craftsmanship later we had a beauty of a finished restoration project.


Granite Columbaria Post production



We cant speak highly enough of our team. Everyone from our internal staff to our stone craftsmen play a paramount role in making sure these projects are held to the highest quality standard and completed in a timely manner. For instance, we went back months after the job was competed to see that the columbaria was still shining bright as could be. Prior to this projects commencement there is no way anyone would have been able to see the little angels reflection on the granite cap below.


Reflective granite

Angels Reflection Months Later


Brass dove sculpture

Doves In “Flight Of Doves”

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