Indian granite quarry

A sanpshot of an active granite quarry in India.


One of the key reasons we have been able to provide the best quality craftsmanship afforded to you at the greatest industry value since 1971 is the relationships we have with our granite suppliers around the world. Constant communication assures quality control, timely delivery, awareness of government regulations, all the while softening our environmental footprint.


Four men posing for a photo at a granite convention

Relationships with our suppliers date back to the ’70s


During our recent trip to India we came across several new developments that directly affect you. Before we get into all that lets briefly touch on granite. Believe it or not granite isn’t squeezed from the ground like toothpaste from a tube, it’s a natural product that’s quarried.


Quarried granite boulder

Quarried granite boulder


As molten rock cools, it crystalizes and forms an igneous rock we call granite. Mother nature dictates everything about granite. What colors come from where, variation in color, how much each quarry can yield, etc.


Throwing water on raw granite shows the finished color

Throwing water on raw granite reveals a stones finished color




Since our last visit in 2015 new business philosophies have been put into practice in India. These philosophies have led to new carving capabilities. International corroboration has encouraged some of the best artisans from around the world to actively participate in training. This willingness to share ideas paves the way for a next generation of qualified stonemasons.


Granite sculptor carving a woman out of granite

Practice makes perfect


The environment means the world to us (pun intended). Shipping practices have changed for the better. Recyclable cardboard has replaced wood. Engineering has made plastic wrapping stronger while using less material.


Wooden crate of polished granite gravemarkers

Out with the old

Cardboard wrapped polished granite gravemarkers

In with the new










Improved manufacturing procedures have had a positive impact on quality control. One of our suppliers moved their manufacturing plant to the granite source. Granite manufacturing plants are typically hundreds of miles from the quarry. This makes inspecting and returning a poor quality stone problematic. Having the plant onsite allows the flexibility to return stone that is not up to industry standard.


Stone carver working on granite sculpture

Concentrated stone carver, chisel in hand


Technology has made interactions with domestic and international suppliers easy. Nothing beats face to face interaction. Meeting in person shows that you are both worth each others time and money. Misunderstandings are less likely to occur. In person, you’ll have each others full attention, and each others messages are guaranteed to be heard. Being able to interpret body language adds a component to a conversation not yet offered by technology. Simply put, showing up makes for better business.







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