These are our most popular granite colors for memorials and signs. They are good choices for projects with sandblasted lettering, due to their texture and consistent color. The samples shown are a general representation of the colors available. Since granite is a natural product, each individual piece of stone will vary in color and grain.

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Choosing the right letter style and finish is especially important for lettering on stone. Because the inscription is sandblasted, lettering that is too small or has thin lines cannot be produced. The texture and color of the granite also affects the readability of the words, so different sandblasting techniques are used to enhance the lettering.

These are the style that we use most often and recommend for sandblasting on stone. Our font library has a large variety of letter styles for any project. We specialize in matching fonts that are hard to find or have been created by hand in the past.

Letter Finishes


Polished Outline


Sanded WIth Deep Outline

Letter Styles



Flat granite, 3″ thick, set flush into the ground.

marker sketch

Upright Monument

Traditional monument style with upper portion resting on a base. The shape of the die can be serpentine, oval or flat on top, or many other custom contoured shapes. The finish is usually polished on the front and back of the die, and polished on the top of the base. Edges can be polished, rock-pitched, or sawn.

pillow market sketch

Pillow Markers

Low marker set above ground. The back edge is thicker than the front to create a sloped face. Edges can be polished, rock-pitched, or sawn.

slant moument sketch

Slant Monument

Upright, low monument with sloped face. Front can be with or without “nosing”. Sides, top, and back may be polished, rock-pitched, or sawn.


Use a soft brush to remove dust & dirt from granite surface, making sure no sand or dirt is left on the stone surface. Clean with a solution of plain dish soap and water, using a soft brush to gently wash the surface. Take special care not to scrub the sand-etched areas of the stone, so as not to leave marks. Rinse well with clean water and polish dry with a microfiber towel.

Products such as glass cleaner, dusting spray, lime removal solution or oils should never be used on the marker, as they will soak into the stone and cause permanent damage.